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NFC Protocol Software

How often do you change your curtains and can you validate their exchange?

Snap Mesh Curtain

Recyclable Snap Mesh Curtain installs in less than 2 minutes.

QuickLoad Curtain

Recyclable QuickLoad Curtain installs in 3 seconds onto our KleenEdge track.

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KleenEdge Protocol Software Benefits:

Let us show you how our Software allows you​ to quickly implement curtain exchange protocols, and always know your curtain status!

Daily dashboard updates in real time

Curtains scan to exact room and location

Exchanges are flagged and scheduled

In-depth data on isolation room exchanges

100% compliance validation

The CDC reports 4.9M Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) resulting in over 480K deaths annually.

Cubicle curtains are a High-Risk Touchpoint in the patient room, yet get cleaned only once per year .

Studies show curtains are contaminated with MRSA, VRE, and C.diff after just two weeks in a patient room .

Why KleenEdge™

Curtains are the #6 High-Risk Touchpoint in a patient room yet the ONLY item not disinfected on a daily basis. Currently in the US curtains remain hanging for up to 1 year without getting cleaned or exchanged.

Curtains are frequently infected with MRSA, C.Diff, VRE and other deadly bacteria / virusesafter just 2 weeks back from laundering. Current laundering methods do not guarantee that curtains are in fact bacteria and virus free.

Patients and staff deserve a higher standard of care than the current US standard which states thatcurtains should only be cleaned when “visibly soiled or stained.”