About Us

KleenEdge provides a Protocol Compliance​ Software Platform and QuickLoad curtain​ solution that empower healthcare providers to establish and validate their curtain​ exchanges.

KleenEdge About Us

Our True Passion

Improving Hospital Safety

KleenEdge provides a Protocol Software platform that empowers Healthcare providers to establish actionable exchange protocols. Our curtain products significantly enhance operational efficiency while mitigating healthcare associated infections

Our proprietary NFC Tag Technology is integrated with all our curtains, however tags can also be purchased separate and placed on existing curtain inventory enabling activation and immediate benefits of our platform. Once deployed, the software will automatically manage and flag exchanges while gathering quantifiable actionable data including details on Isolation Room exchanges.

KleenEdge’s curtain products enable a quick exchange, reducing labor by 80%, as their install does not require tall ladders or special gadgets. Our recyclable curtains, eliminate laundering and are offered in two options to accommodate existing and new facilities.

Our products are designed to profoundly simplify operations but more importantly they will create a safer environment and peace of mind for both patients and staff as it relates to one of the most frequently touched objects in the patient zone.