Insurance Companies Pay the Price for HAIs

Original article from By Niall Wallace (8), Brett Cropp (1), Dr. John Coles (1) Edited by: Michael Diamond (35) Reviewed by: Andrew Duong (30) Abstract: Hospitals continually publicize their levels of quality and safety, but there is still a steady increase in occurrences and fatalities due to infections transmitted within their four walls. In an industry where hospitals can work around punitive measures…


What is a Fomite?

A fomite is an inanimate porous (soft) or non-porous (hard) surface. Examples in a hospital environment are: • Counter tops • Medical equipment • Bed rails • IV poles • Privacy curtains • Upholstered furniture Fomites become contaminated with microbes. Direct contact with body secretions or fluids through contact with aerosolized microbes with soiled hands. During illness, microbes are…


Cubicle Curtains: The Elephant In The Room

  It’s time to address an often overlooked issue in patient care areas Each year, health care associated infections cost health systems millions. The main culprit of transmission is improper hand hygiene prior to touching various surfaces in a patient room. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identified 23 hightouch objects in patient rooms. However, cubicle curtains…