Cubicle Curtain

KleenEdge Scan StickerOur KleenEdge 100% recyclable non-woven polypropylene curtain offers an environmentally friendly and superior clinical solution as it helps to facilitate infection prevention.

The accordia fold in the curtain provides for a crisp design aesthetic and allows the curtain to be pulled back in a compact manner. Curtains are available in a full range of colors and patterns along with multiple hooking options.

Click to view curtain load demo.


KleenEdgeCurtain Benefits:

  RFID tags enable tracking and curtain Protocol

  Eliminates laundering, is environmentally friendly

  Reduces curtain acquisition and inventory cost

  Mesh and integrated glide curtain options

  Lightweight and compact – weighs ONLY 1.5 lbs

  Standardized size allows for ISO Kit staging