Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs): Cubicle Curtain Facts

4.9 Million HAIs resulting in 480,000 US patient deaths each year


4.9 Million

infections resulting in over 480,000 deaths each year according to the CDC


#6 High Risk Touchpoint

Touched by everyone, yet exchanged only once per year



Curtains are infected after two weeks: Laundering does not guarantee all bacteria and viruses are eliminated

Why Hospitals Struggle

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Time Constraints

Curtains are extremelytime consuming to exchangeas their removal requires tall ladders 

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High Curtain Costs

Laundering and replacementof lost and damaged curtains in thelaundering process

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Manual Tracking

Manual documentation offers no analysisis prone to errors. Facilities do not know when the last curtain exchange occurred

Hospital Associated Infections graph showing that curtains are the #6 high-risk touchpoint in a hospital room

Curtains are the #6 High-Risk Touchpoint in a patient room yet the ONLY item not disinfected on a daily basis. Currently in the US curtains remain hanging for up to 1 year without getting cleaned or exchanged.

Curtains are frequently infected with MRSA, C.Diff, VRE and other deadly bacteria / viruses​ after just 2 weeks back from laundering. Current laundering methods do not guarantee that curtains are in fact bacteria and virus free.

Patients and staff deserve a higher standard of care than the current US standard which states that​ curtains should only be cleaned when “visibly soiled or stained.”