Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs): Cubicle Curtain Facts

Healthcare Associated Infections

4.9 Million

infections resulting in over 480,000 deaths each year according to the CDC

Cubicle Curtains

#6 High Risk Touchpoint

Touched by everyone, yet exchanged only once per year

Serious Infections

VRE [43%], CDIFF [4%] and MRSA [22%]

Curtains are infected after two weeks: Laundering does not guarantee all bacteria and viruses are eliminated

Why Hospitals Struggle

Time Constraints

Curtains are extremelytime consuming to exchangeas their removal requires tall ladders 

High Curtain Costs

Laundering and replacementof lost and damaged curtains in thelaundering process

Manual Tracking

Manual documentation offers no analysisis prone to errors. Facilities do not know when the last curtain exchange occurred