Leading Edge Panel

KleenEdge Leading Edge Panel with Timestrip™Our 100% recyclable polypropylene Leading Edge Panel for curtains is replaced in seconds and comes with a Timestrip™ indicating when it’s time to remove ensuring an easy-to-implement cubicle curtain Protocol.

Studies show that organisms are rapidly transmitted from the leading edge of the curtain to healthcare workers’ hands, thus contributing to cross contamination and the risk that a patient acquires an HAI.


KleenEdgeLeading Edge Panel Benefits:

  Panel identifies where to pull the curtain

  Proprietary 7-day Timestrip™ technology

  Enables Protocol for #6 High Risk Touchpoint

  Unit level and ISO Kit staging

  Increases patient and staff safety, reduces HAIs

  Establishes high standard of care

  Custom branding options available


Leading Edge Panel installation and removal instructions

Install, use, and replace in just 5 easy steps