We illuminate Safety One Curtain at a Time

Snap Mesh Curtain

Our 100% recyclable Snap Mesh curtain is a highly cost-effective solution as it requires no ladders for typical exchanges and can be installed on existing curtain tracks without requiring any retrofit or special tools.

The snap replacement panel installs within 2-minutes providing a quick protocol or ISO exchange.

Note that our software allows for separate protocol monitoring of the mesh and the curtain.

KleenEdge™ Snap Curtain Benefits:

  •   NFC tags enable Protocol
  •   Standardized curtain size
  •   No ladders, reduces safety risk
  •   Eliminates laundering cost
  •   Compact size, weighs only 1.0 lbs

QuickLoad Curtain

Our QuickLoad curtain and suspended track are a highly costeffective solution as the recyclable curtain can be installed in 3 seconds for a 80% reduction in install time!

Watch the install video to see how the glides of the curtain insert directly into the wall bracket, allowing the curtain to get installed without requiring ladders or any other special tools.

KleenEdge™ QuickLoad Curtain Benefits:

  •   NFC tag enables Protocol​
  •   Standardized curtain size
  •   No ladders, reduced safety risk
  •   Eliminates laundering cost​
  •   Compact size, weighs only 1.0 lbs​
Curtain installation instructions
Load curtain in less than 3 seconds in just 2 easy steps