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How often do you change your curtains and can you validate their exchange?

Regulatory agencies are increasingly focused on protocol compliance. Does your current curtain exchange policy withstand scrutiny?

KleenEdge compliance software supports infection control providing data on all exchanges, including ISO, in real time.

Our proprietary Protocol Compliance software delivers an intuitive, simple to use, cloud-based solution which deploys real time NFC/RFID scanning for each curtain tag, whether recyclable or textile.

This innovative technology provides full and defendable reporting on all services performed during the curtain life cycle, driving a successful and easy to implement Cubicle Curtain Protocol.

KleenEdge™ Protocol Software Benefits:

  • Curtain scans to exact room and location ID
  • Exchanges are flagged and scheduled
  • Dashboard updates in real time
  • 100% accurate compliance reporting
  • Always know your curtain status

Let us show you how our software will enable you to walk up to any installed curtain in your facility, scan its label, and know exactly when it was installed, by whom, what the rooms protocol is, and when your next exchange will occur!

How the Software Works

The KleenEdge secure software web portal allows users to customize protocols and alerts. Scanned NFC curtain tags in the field data gets delivered back to the web app in real-time. Dashboard analytics provides overview on all exchange activities.

KleenEdge Curtain Protocol Software Benefits Eliminates Manual Documentation
Eliminates manual documentation


KleenEdge Curtain Protocol Software Benefits: Reduces Labor Time by More Than 95%
Reduces labor time
more than


KleenEdge Dashboard provides real-time monitoring of current and overdue exchanges. Historical data includes ISO exchanges and trending.
Computer screen showing the KleenEdge Curtain Protocol Dashboard

KleenEdge Software Benefits:

Environmental & Infection Control Managers receive automated reminders and reports to alert on overdue as well as upcoming curtain exchanges. Management are always able to validate protocol to governing agencies.

Environmental Services Staff receive exact exchange locations due along with curtain sizes and descriptions. Simple scans of the KleenEdge NFC curtain tags will eliminate all manual processes of hand-written dates on labels and entries into curtain logs.

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