Why KleenEdge

Why KleenEdge

KleenEdge™ offers a technology for cubicle curtains that allows hospitals to set proprietary protocols for their curtain exchanges:

Once set, the software will automatically manage and flag the exchange, while also gathering meaningful data, including details on ISO exchanges (MRSA, CDIFF and VRE) in the background. This to quantify the impact of exchange frequency on HAIs and ISO occurrences.

KleenEdge’s cubicle track allows a curtain to be installed within three seconds, for an eighty percent reduction in labor. Installation does not require tall ladders or special gadgets.

The Leading Edge Panel with 7-day Timestrip, which indicates when it is time to remove and replace the panel, provides a sanitary touchpoint for the leading edge of the curtain. The edge of the curtain is the number six high-risk touchpoint in the patient room and is frequently contaminated after just one week of hanging, according to white papers.

KleenEdge offers both reusable and 100 percent recyclable standardized panels with our proprietary NFC Technology and Quick-Load feature. We feel that recyclable ultimately is the optimal choice, as it costs substantially less and will eliminate high inventory and laundering costs, including the cost of lost and damaged curtains in the laundering process. Also, multiple white papers have indicated that bacteria oftentimes survive on the textile curtain despite laundering.

Our products are designed to profoundly simplify day-to-day operations; more importantly, they create a safer environment for patients and staff by facilitating more frequent curtain exchanges, thus mitigating HAIs.